Social Events

Every year, Venu Event Space hosts our own holiday social events. You can enjoy our New Year's Eve celebration, Mother's Day Brunch, Easter Brunch and much more! Stay up to date on a monthly basis to see what scheduled special events are offered. Feel free to simply sit back and enjoy the many tasty prescheduled menus offered for any of Venu's social event parties throughout the year.

Social Events

Upcoming Events in 2024

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Phone: 416.238.8195

During an initial appointment, you will be meeting with a director who will answer all of your event questions, walk you through the booking process, and take you on a tour of our banquet rooms. Set aside between 45 minutes to 1 hour for appointments. Booking an appointment on a weekend would be ideal, as it is typically Saturday and Sunday events that rooms are best-dressed.

To book an appointment with our team of event directors, you can create an appointment online using our appointment scheduler below, by emailing us at, or you can call us directly at 416.238.8195.