One of the most special events in any person's life is the day of their wedding. Venu Event Space personnel are some of the best in the business and understand what that special day means to you. Our team takes you through a step-by-step account of what you can expect of this auspicious occasion. From cuisine menus, service, table designs, room décor to entertainment and florals, every detail will be triple checked until you have every confidence in us and all goals are met. Your ceremony and reception evening will prove to be filled with happy moments, a warm and inviting atmosphere, delicious cuisine and exceptional service.


Floor Plans

Between first and second floor levels, Venu Event Space offers a number of room options to suit anything from smaller wedding events to larger more elaborate ones. There are eight rooms to choose from depending on the size of your event. Our main second floor banquet space can host between 1 and 3 functions simultaneously ,and up to 1000 seated guests. A magnificent double staircase, lush indoor gardens and impressive grand waterfall feature will lead you to a grand lobby, completely surrounded by floor to ceiling glass walls and 20 foot glass skylight. The main banquet room, boasts 18 foot ceilings throughout and a modern, yet classic ambience, that is sure to please all. Guest elevator will make access to the second floor convenient for all. Both levels have state of the art lighting and sound throughout.

Get in Touch

Phone: 416.238.8195

During an initial appointment, you will be meeting with a director who will answer all of your event questions, walk you through the booking process, and take you on a tour of our banquet rooms. Set aside between 45 minutes to 1 hour for appointments. Booking an appointment on a weekend would be ideal, as it is typically Saturday and Sunday events that rooms are best-dressed.

To book an appointment with our team of event directors, you can create an appointment online using our appointment scheduler below, by emailing us at, or you can call us directly at 416.238.8195.